Cleaning bird feeders

What is that nagging chore that you know you should do but you put off because it’s a big production and kind of icky?

Well, there are probably many on my list including cleaning the fridge, cleaning the gutters (man it is high on the roof – even the side much closer to the ground) but perhaps the most avoided of all chores is cleaning the bird feeders.

Now my good birding friends will be saddened to know that I reluctantly do this about two times a year (birding sites tell us to do this monthly).  So, in an effort to be a better bird person I went to work this weekend on cleaning my feeders.

The other part tricky part of this cleaning is that many traditional birding sites tell you to use bleach or at least one part bleach to clean the feeders.  I am trying to eliminate all bleach products from our lives and our household environment.  When someone close to you dies of cancer you start looking at the multiplicity of toxins that surround you and try to eliminate them.  So I found a site that claims a green way to clean your feeders.  Here is the link to the alternate cleaning process.

Here is the process…

What you need:

  • dishwashing gloves (that you will now only use for this chore  – or cleaning the bird bath)
  • brush (again to use only for bird related cleaning)
  • tub to hold your feeders
  • non-smelly dish soap (I use bio-degradable)
  • white vinegar

First, fill the tub with warm water and a good squirt of soap.

Then put in feeders and scrub with a brush.


Then rinse feeders and the tub.

Then fill the tub with cold water and 4 cups of white vinegar.


Let feeders soak in this for one hour.

Remove feeders, rinse with cold water, let air dry.


Fill with seed and re-hang – making the birds happy and healthy.


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