One-year anniversary and Blonde Brownies

As we approach the one-year anniversary of my Mom’s death I’m filled with a number of feelings sometimes in progression, sometimes all at the same time.  Grief is no longer a constant presence in everything I do, but it catches me at random moments especially when I wish I could share something or ask something of my Mom.

Today I’m attempting to bake a family favorite, my Mom’s blonde brownies.  This is one of my Mom’s recipes that I never tried to replicate (like her macaroni & cheese) because it was so beloved that my version could not possibly come up to snuff.  “As good as Grandma’s” has been a hard bar to get over. But today I came across this recipe in my Mom’s handwriting and decided to give it a try.

IMG_3751 2

Here are the steps:


Wet ingredients together, then dry added just like any cookie dough, but no separate mixing the dry and no sifting (gasp).  This is much easier than my standard chocolate chip dough.

IMG_3753 2

Spreading in the pan takes a little work.  It’s good to take a second look from the side to see if the dough is even (or have your sharp-eyed kid help).  No picture of the sprinkling of the chocolate chips because what happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen and sometimes a few chips may go astray…


The final product looks about right, but we will see if it passes muster.  Seeing the pan filled with the blonde brownies brings back good memories of boys small and big clamoring for them to be cut.  My Mom filled our lives with love, care, and support. I hope that in some way baking her cookies for my family honors that legacy.



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