Dayenu – It would have been enough for us

I’m thinking about gratitude – or trying to in these dark days.

I was thinking of the great song we learned for Passover to sing with the kids, it’s about the gifts that God has given the people throughout history and how any of these great gifts were more than enough.  What gifts do we receive every day that we don’t earn through anything we have done – hundreds – thousands every day.


But it’s so easy to skate through each day without stopping to look at these gifts.  I have a tendency to strive to be so organized, focused and efficient that I miss the joy that’s right in front of me.  My brother Rich and I were talking recently about lists and being “efficient” – he reminded me that maybe I don’t want to be the person with the grave inscription of “She Checked Off A Lot Of To-Do Boxes”… No ! I really don’t want that!

Here is a beautiful (and short) Ted Talk by David Steindl-Rast on the practice of gratitude and how being simply grateful for moments though out the day helps our happiness.  I happened to hear this as I was driving home from an excellent meal with my dearest girlfriends.  It was a cosmic poke!

How to be happy? Be grateful.

So it’s not about being Pollyannaish about the challenges that face us.  It’s about stopping, looking and going – look at moments in your life and be grateful – and if you miss one moment the next one is a possibility.  Like the sun shining through on a bitter New England morning.



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